Weekend Reminders

Good afternoon 6th Grade Band Parents,

We have had a tremendous week here at CMS in band class! The students have continued to be polite and hardworking each and every day. Here are a few reminders going into next week.

1.) Our cookie dough sale concludes this Tuesday, the 22nd of September. I will send a physical version of what is written below on Monday as an extra reminder:

A.) Make sure that your order and your money total match. Remove any names of customers who did not pay for their order. If written in pen, you may scratch out their name.

B.) Place all cash and checks into one envelope with your name on it and the order form stapled to it.

C.) Be sure to write the total number of boxes at the bottom of the form.

D.) Do not use dash marks for number of boxes. Please use numbers because two dashes could be interpreted as 11 instead of 2 boxes.

E.)  If you sold 10 or more boxes please add a name at the bottom of the order called “FREE BOX” and pick which box that you would like of cookie dough. This can be factored into your bottom total but not into the cost of the order since they are free.

I need as much help from the adults as possible to ensure that the money and forms add up. Thank you for helping to fund our wonderful CMS Trojan Band by participating in this fundraiser. We expect to have the cookie dough sent to CMS mid October. You will be notified upon its arrival.

2.) Black binders and sheet protectors are absolutely needed by Monday. We will have periodic binder checks to ensure that the students are being responsible with their supplies for band which includes their binder, pencil and instrument.

3.) Anonymous donations are always greatly appreciated and assist some members of our Trojan Band family.

4.) The Essential Elements band books have been shipped. I am hoping that they will come in this weekend or Monday. Thank you for your patience.

5.) Make sure that you are hearing your student practice at home a few times a week. 15-20 minutes a few times a week can go a long way!

Have a great weekend!

-Ms. Menendez

Handbook Sign-Off


Please send me an email if you have signed off on the handbook but the grade of your student does not reflect that. I was very diligent with checking the emails and filling in the grades but am thinking that there were some glitches in the system. Thank you for your patience. Please be aware that clicking on the “follow” button and filling out the handbook form is not the same thing.

Contact me with any questions!

-Ms. Menendez


6.2 Instrument Night Tonight

Dear all,

This is a reminder about our instrument night tonight at CMS from 5-8pm. We will continue to have our instrument night in the Band room instead of the Cafeteria. I spoke with your students in class and they are aware of this. I look forward to meeting you all whether you are from the 6.2 class or you are coming today because you could not make it Monday.


Instrument Night (6.1)

Good morning!

This is a quick reminder that our first of two sixth grade Instrument Nights is this afternoon from 5-8pm in the cafeteria. Please bring your checkbook, cards and/or cash tonight. Also bring some form of ID.

The prices vary each year, but the most expensive instrument will not be over $30 per month to rent. Last year they also had a deal where your first *two* months of rent cost only $15 total. For those of you  that are interested in potentially purchasing an instrument elsewhere, this is a great deal so that you can have more time to search while your child learns the basics on their instrument. You may cancel your rental with Music and Arts at any time without a cancelation fee. I believe that you all will be impressed with the prices, service and, quality just like I always have.

I look forward to meeting many of you tonight and I will see the second sixth grade class on Wednesday!


Ms. Menendez

*edit. The first 2 months, not 3 as I previously posted*

Important Announcements and Handbook Sign-off

  1. 5th Grade Parents: The mouthpieces are in! Tomorrow we will begin learning about the embouchure, creating sounds and in a few classes playing on some instruments!
  2. Band Fees: The band fees for the year are $30 for 6th grade members and $15 for 5th grade members. *Cash or checks are accepted. Please make the checks written out to “CMS Band”.*
  3. 6th Grade parents: We are almost complete with the testing on instruments for your students. Mr. Carr and Mr. Huls have been very generous with their time and have been pulling out students one by one so that they can try out instruments. The forms that the two band directors filled out plus their Music Theory test on Thursday will be factored into determining their instrument selection. Your students will be notified of their instrument placement on Friday.
  4. Instrument Night: The first 6th grade connection class will attend the August 31st instrument night to rent/purchase their instrument, equipment and band books. The second 6th grade connection class will attend the September 2nd instrument night. These will run from 5-8pm on both nights. This is the night where you will purchase/rent the instrument for your student. We need all students and parents to attend an instrument night so that your student can begin learning their instrument the next day in class. *edit* A handout about instrument night and your child’s instrument selection will be given to them on Friday to take home. 
  5. A quick reminder about the band binders for 6th grade (1/2 inch preferred), sheet protectors, and the handbook sign-off that is due on August 28th. (The band fees are due that date as well but I will be leniant on that as we all have MANY fees due near the beginning of the school year. Please turn in that money as soon as possible). I have re-attached the handbook sign-off below for easy visibility. The handbook is located under the “forms” section of the website.
  6. Make sure the follow this website to get up-to-date information!

As always please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions that you may have!

M. Menendez