Chocolate Candy Fundraiser

Good morning,

We began our chocolate fundraiser yesterday during class. I am excited to sell chocolate around the holiday season because I feel that it will sell easily. A few reminders:

1.) Make sure that their first and last name are written on their order taker sheet.

2.) Hold on to all money and checks at home until our turn-in date on November the 18th.

3.) Make all checks out to CMS Band and please write the student name in the check in case we run into any problems when collecting money.

4.) If the student sells 10 boxes they are allowed to pick one box for free out of the cheapest category. We want to reward and encourage the students to sell.

5.) Ask your students to outreach into the community and remind them that “if you never ask, the answer will always be no”.

These fundraisers are what keep our program alive. They allow for me to purchase new music, percussion equipment, pay for staff that specialize in specific instruments, and purchase general equipment for the band. I know as a past student how aggravating doing multiple fundraisers can be but I encourage the students to push hard in order for our band to benefit as a whole. What they fundraise will go directly back to them.

Band polo and potential jacket orders:

Our band polo samples will be in soon so that I can size the students during class. They are $21 total and are part of our uniform for all CMS and CJHS band concerts. Your students will use these for the next three years. If you participated in our cookie dough fundraiser then you perhaps have already paid off your band polo. Each kid will receive a letter home stating how much they owe for their band performance polo.

Ozier Apparel creates fantastic jackets for us each year that not only include our custom logo, but for an extra charge can include the first and last name of your student and their instrument. Ozier Apparel has brought in a sample set for me to put on display for the class and order form takers to send home. These jackets are so cool that I am considering buying two different ones this year for myself! I am handing out a paper in class today that has the order form on it and pictures of the products. I recommend buying a little big so that these can last through Junior High and on (especially boys).

Our Christmas/Holiday Concert is on Monday, December the 14th at 7 pm. Your child will report at 6:30 to the Mabry Arts Center in their full uniform. The full uniform includes:

  • band performance polo
  • black dress pants or long black skirt (no skin visible on the legs please)
  • black dress shoes with black socks for boys
  • black shoes for ladies. No open toed shoes.

If your student is out of uniform on the concert day they will not perform with us. I would set out their uniform the week of somewhere so that it is ready to go!

We we aim to teach the students the importance of being professional on the concert days. Whether it is how they dress, how they perform , or even how they carry themselves, we aim to make sure that they represent our program and themselves to the highest level possible.

Performing is the reason why your student joined my class and we expect 100% attendance for the concert. Any questions regarding schedule conflicts need to be resolved now so that your student does not receive a failing grade for a concert. I want for them to show off all of the hard work that they have been doing in class and at home for you. It’s their first concert! Nothing is more exciting than that.


Enjoy a picture from our after school practice session from this Monday!

IMG_7568 (1)

Gosh these kids are great.

Contact me at any time or leave a comment on this post and I will answer it right away.

-M. Menendez


Good afternoon,

Our cookie dough is in and our parents are working diligently to organize them for your students. Remember that if your student has a large amount of cookie dough, that they have been recommended to be a car rider today. They will be called down before early dismissal to retrieve their cookie dough from the band room. I am here after school until 4 because of the conferences. If your student cannot bring the boxes home from school then you may drive up to CMS and pick up their order for them from the band room.

cookie dough

Great job again on this fundraiser!

-M. Menendez

Cookie Dough Delivery

Good afternoon,

Our cookie dough will be delivered to the band room on October the 14th at 10am. The students will stop by the band room when band students are dismissed to grab their orders to bring home. If your student sold more than 6 boxes of cookie dough, I recommend that they are a car rider that day.  The cookie dough lasts around 24 hours outside of the freezer/fridge.

I am still hoping for more volunteers to help with the cookie dough orders. The truck arrives at 9am and I would need your help unloading and organizing the cookie dough in order for our students to dismiss on time. Please contact me if you are interested in volunteering:

The first 5th graders from the first 9 weeks had their last day with me today. I was very sad to say goodbye but I hope that it is temporary and that I will see them all again in the 6th grade band program.

Our 6th graders are doing an excellent job so far. They know 5 notes (some know more) and can play the first ten lines out of their band book. Please make sure that you are hearing them practice at home and if not, please encourage them to review what we have been going over in class. Doing our homework at home means that we sound better as a group. We are doing our best to create the best 6th grade band in the history of Carrollton. Let’s aim high and get there!


Ms. Menendez

Cookie Dough Order Delivery

MGood morning 6th grade band parents,

Our orders have been placed and I have been given a date and time for the delivery of the cookie dough to CMS. The cookie dough will arrive October 14th at 10 AM. If there are any volunteers who would like to assist in organizing the stacks I would appreciate that greatly since I am teaching a class at that time. I will need about five volunteers who could come in. Please notify me if you are available to help by emailing me at:

I would like to thank all who participated in our fundraiser. It is one of the things that keeps our program running at a high standard. If your student sold seven boxes, then they will not owe any money to me for their band performance polo. We will begin talking about the band polo soon!

Have a fantastic break and safe travels!

-M. Menendez