8th Grade Advanced Band

8th Grade Band is the culmination of two years of hard work in the middle and junior high schools.  This special group is the top performing ensemble at CJHS and will perform over 5 times throughout the school year.

The students will prepare in class all of the district honor band materials with the hope that they will audition for district honor band.

In addition to all the performing opportunities offered in 7th grade, the 8th Grade Band will have so many more performing opportunities like; performing with the Carrollton High School Trojan Marching Band, CCS Veterans Day Ceremonies, Christmas Concert, Pre-Festival and Festival performances, CJHS awards night banquet performance, Spring concert, and they will travel to Charlotte North Carolina to perform at the Carowinds Music Festival.

Keep in mind that all after school rehearsals must be attended, if a conflict with another after school sport or club is an issue the student will need to split time between the two activities.  Because of our awesome staff and coaches in our system this is well understood, please communicate to any coaches prior to the season starting about any band conflicts, and plan to do half and half.  In the case where their is a band rehearsal on the day of a game or culminating event you should attend that game or event full time.  Any questions or concerns should be communicated to the directors.

8th graders will also have a chance to take part in fun band activities such as Trojan Band, Jazz Band, and Band and Chorus Awards Night.

The students will follow the Georgia Performing Arts Standards for Advanced Middle School Band.


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