Good afternoon,

I cannot tell you how excited that I am to begin this year. I am not sure how, but I somehow got the best students in the school placed in band! All jokes aside, your students have been fantastic so far. I am looking forward to growing with them this year.

A few reminders:

Instrument Night

We have two instrument nights. 5th grade has theirs on August 16th from 5-8pm. 6th grade has theirs on August 17th from 5-8pm. Both instrument nights will be located in the gym/band room (the two rooms are combined). You may show up at ANYTIME between those times listed above. We ask that you aim for 5, 6, or 7 because we will host an informational meeting to answer your questions at that time. After that meeting we will send you in the band room to speak to a Music and Arts representative to sign up for your instrument. They will speak to  you about renting or purchasing. I do not have the prices at the moment for the instruments since they change every year depending on the market but we choose to stay with Music and Arts because they provide quality instruments with the lowest prices around. This is only the night where the instrument are ordered, they will be delivered on our Start Up Day. If you cannot make a day at all then please let me know and we can have you all come on the other day. 

Saturday Jump Start Camp

As stated in the form sent home, this will be a great new tradition this year. Students will come on August the 20th from 9AM-12PM (three hours) to receive their instrument, learn how to put it together, and how to play it! We have hired professionals to come in on that day to teach them how to do these things. It is required for all students but if there is a prior commitment please contact me as soon as possible.

After School Commitments:

We have no after school activities all year except for the following:

Instrument nights on August 16th and 17th

Saturday Jump Start Camp on August 20th

Our two concerts. One at the beginning of December and one in May. Those dates are being finalized this week.

I ask that for these few dates that you make it a priority for the students to be at these events. I pride myself on keeping my class during the school day and letting your students do other activities throughout the school year. Playing sports and being in clubs is just as important as band.

Ask me any questions that you have.

-Ms. Menendez


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