Concert Recap/Summer Camps/Summer Lessons

Good afternoon,

I find it hard to put how our Spring Concert went into words. The students played very well and behaved the entire time. I heard many compliments on the students about their sound. stage presence, and how quiet they were while the other bands performed. I am so excited that the 6th graders get to move on with Mr. Huls next year at the Junior High. They have no idea what they are in for! The best is yet to come. Congratulations on a wonderful Spring Concert and school year everyone!

Summer Camps:

There are several summer camps that I would like to recommend for students who would like to grow on their instruments this summer. Some of them are more expensive than others, depending on what they offer. I have listed some info below for you all:

Sounds of Summer:

  • A day camp that takes place at Midway Church in Villa Rica
  • Register and Pay Online
  • I will work this camp for the second year in a row. Highly reccommended. 

Bravo! Music Camp:

  • Over night camp held at Berry College
  • All meals and T-Shirt included.

Encore! Band Camp:

  • Over night camp held at Georgia College and State University
  • Register and Pay Online

Summer Camps are an awesome opportunity for your kids to grow as musicians, as well as meet new friends.  All of these camps have a great staff of people running them, and a lot of fun activities each day.  Please consider enrolling your child.


Taking lessons during the summer is equivalent to a baseball player having a pitching coach. They get one on one time to enhance their abilities. If your student feels behind, this is the individual attention that they need! If they are ahead and want a challenge then private lessons are a way to learn new concepts with a professional guiding your child. Below are my recommendations for people who I feel are qualified to each our students. You may contact them to work out pricing and location. Students who take private lessons end up well ahead of other students in band and have a large increase in self confidence when playing their instruments.


Elisa Lyle:

Dawn Marie Schafer:

Paige Jenkins:


Kyle Willoughby: +1 (404) 852-8740

Russel Bennet:

Paige Jenkins:


Benjamin Lively:


Chandler Dickerson:

Ms. Menendez:

French Horn: 

Eric Hawkins:


Ms. Menendez:


Scott Jones:


Adam Gresham:

Please ask me any questions that you have in regards to trying to find a good match for private lessons for your student. I look forward to the growth and fun that you child will have from participating in either of the above this summer.

Be safe and have a great summer!

-Ms. Menendez



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