Trombone parents:                                                                       

We are looking for a trombone slide that belongs to Music and Arts. I am asking that you check with your students on the slide of the trombone and check the serial number. The serial number should be engraved on the metal section that will probably be silver or nickel. It should be located where the students’ left hand is when they play. Please check to see if you have the following serial number on there: 245968. If so this means that you do not have your correct trombone slide. There were times when I allowed for students to use this slide while their slide was in the shop getting repaired. Somehow things were mixed up and not returned.

There is no penalty or payment needed with this. I would just like to get your correct slide back to you!

If your slide matches that serial number please call or email me right away.

Extension: 1516


Ms. Menendez

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