Month: April 2016

After School Rehearsals Still On

Good morning,

As mentioned last week, our after school rehearsals are still on as usual. On Mondays we have after school practice sessions for kids who want some extra practice. Wednesdays we have our Instrument Club. This is when high school students come over and play/teach with your students. PLEASE encourage your students to stay after for this. Our numbers have been low lately and I do not want to have to cancel it!

Remember that we have our Spring Concert on May the 16th at 7:00 pm. 6th graders will report at 6:30 to the stage in full uniform. Make sure that your student has black pants, socks, and shoes that fit! There is still time to buy or borrow things if needed.

I have some fun adventures planned for your students coming up. They are all during the school day. You will be notified as soon as they are finalized.



Pep Rally Tomorrow 

Good evening parents! This is a reminder that we will have a pep rally for the school tomorrow that the band will perform in. Students must wear their band polo to perform. The only requirement for the uniform is their polo. Everything else can be whatever they are wearing to school that day. Please ensure that your student is prepared for tomorrow. It is going to be a blast!! 

Milestones Pep Rally/Summer Music Band Camp

Good afternoon,

On Monday the 18th we will have a pep rally for the upcoming Milestones next week. Our band will play at it for the first time in school history to pump up our students! This will occur during the school day and will not require any extra rehearsals or preparation for it. The students will wear their band polos. They may wear any shoes or pants that they would like to. If your student would like to bring their band polo this week for me to hold on to until Monday, I can do that. I will keep them and label them. I would hate for a student to forget their polos on Monday and miss out on the chance to perform.

The Sounds of Summer Band Camp is a great opportunity for those of you who would like for your student to attend some sort of music camp to enhance their skills. I highly recommend this camp for my students as a past staff member. This is a camp that is hosted at Midway Church and is cheap and worth the money. The students are taught about music from professionals and will meet students from different schools around our area, will be fed daily delicious food, and will have a daily recreational time. Carrollton consistently has the highest number of students who attend this camp. I told the students in class that I wish that there was a camp for me when I was younger that was this fun, affordable, and close!

Sounds of Summer Band Camp Website

Please look at their website and speak with your students. If you have any questions or would like to have your student attend but have some limitations, please contact me directly.


-M. Menendez


Good morning,

I am so excited to be back from Spring Break so that we can dig in towards our Spring Concert. You are going to be very impressed with what you hear at our last performance. The Spring Concert was set for May the 9th at 7pm at the Mabry Art Center. Due to the Spring Musical at the high school, the concert has been pushed back to May 16th (the following Monday). Please in form any family members and friends of this date change.

The students will still report in their black pants (long skirt) with black socks, shoes, and their band polo. Please make sure NOW that they have all of those items. We are a month away roughly so now is the time to shop for anything that they may need. Students who are not in uniform will not perform at the concert.

Your students are awesome and are exceeding my expectations! I’m one lucky teacher.

-Ms. Menendez