AYP CARDS and Donut & Juice Party

Good morning,

We are almost running out of AYP cards to sell! That is great news. You guys have done a fantastic job so far and we would like to finish strong. If you have any last minute people to sell to let me know. Once we have sold all of the cards then the fundraiser will end. I cannot thank you enough for your fundraising efforts not just for this fundraiser, but all year. It excites me that you support music education and specifically the education of your student.


We will have our donut and juice party tomorrow that I owe the students from the last fundraiser so we will not play in class.

Tomorrow afternoon we will have Instrument Club until 4:15 as usual which is when high schoolers come up play with the students and teach them about their instruments. I encourage all students to stay after and have fun on Wednesday afternoons. They may also get help, pass off scales, or make up grades if needed.


We will not play on Friday so I want for all students to make sure that they have a horn at home to practice on since we are out for Spring Break next week.


I teach some awesome kids thanks to you. Have a great week!

-Ms. Menendez

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