Early release reminders

Good morning!

We are off to the start of in interesting week here at CMS. The students are taking their Benchmark exams as well as going to conferences and having Friday off. This effects our band class a little bit. 

– Today is the only day that we have connections at school. Students will NOT have band for the rest of the week so it is recommended that they bring their instruments home at the end of class today. 

– The only after school activity is today until 4:15 for our usual Monday practice. We will not have Instrument Club in Wednesday. 

– Our AYP care fundraiser is off to an incredible start! This fundraiser will continue until we run out of cards to sell. There is no definite end date. Please aim to sell at least five cards so that your student can have a free card to keep (or sell and keep the cash).  The top selling student of each grade will receive $50. 

If you would like to speak to me during your conference please email me and I will do my best to stop by. Please take a special look at your student’s “Practice log” grade and their “Weekly Behavior and Participation” grade. 

Contact me with any questions! Let’s continue doing a great job with our AYP cards and practicing our instruments at home. We will have a test very soon! 

-Ms. Menendez 


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