Practice Logs and AYP Cards

Good morning and happy Leap Day! 
This is a gentle reminder about our practice logs that are due today (every Monday). Help me ensure that your students are spending some extra time at home reviewing concepts from class and filling your homes with music! 

We began our AYP Card fundraiser this past Friday. This is our biggest fundraiser! Each card is $15 and they pay off themselves in one or two uses. They have incredible deals on them and they are a big deal in our community. Your student only needs to turn in an envelope with their name on it, the money and how many cards that they have sold to the box in the band room. I will have cards for them to give to their customers the next day. It is an ongoing cycle until we all have sold the cards out! Thank you for your participation in this inportsnt fundraiser. 

We have our usual Monday after school practice session this afternoon until 4:15 for students who want to get some practice time in, get help, or get ahead! 

Happy Monday! 
-Ms. Menendez

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