Happy New Year!

Good morning!

I hope that your break has been relaxing and full of love.

We are going to be back on Monday ready to tackle this semester with full force. Please make sure that your students are getting reacquainted with their instruments before Monday.


Students: practice your three embouchure steps, and play from line one in your book as far as you can go. This will be a great way to get your brain going again. Never be scared to finger and name to get reacquainted with the notes.

*special challenge*

use your scale sheet and find a scale (a line of letters) to learn. The scales are read from left to right and will tell you the note names to use. Your fingering chart in the back of the book will explain your fingerings for any new notes.

I cannot wait to see the students and Monday and pass out jackets for anyone who ordered them.

Enjoy the rest of your break!


-M. Menendez


  1. Hallelujah I am so ready to come back and get my jacket and also have something for you can’t wait to see you Monday.


  2. Hello, Happy New Year and I hope that you had a wonderful vacation. Please note that Blaze was unexpectedly out of school on the Friday before vacation. Therefore, he did not have his instrument during the break. I will make sure he has ample practice time at home over the next few weeks. Thanks,Mrs. Stephens 

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