Class Equipment Order

Hello all,


I have submitted the equipment order for the students and I am hoping that they will be in early next week.

Mallets/Reeds/Reed Guards/Cork Grease are set to be delivered on Monday the 14th.

The Valve Oil/Trombone Slide Oil Kit are set to be delivered the 17th-22nd. (If it is a date after school releases then I will arrange a time where you all can stop by and pick up your products). 

I wanted to show you all the equipment that I recommend for the students and where I found them at the cheapest price. The things that I am recommending are not things that are meant to break your wallet, they are meant to be durable, yet reasonable for a 6th grade student while ensuring that their instruments will play in the best way that they possibly can. Teaching our students to maintain their instruments at a high level is something that all of us will appreciate as it saves time and grief in the long run!

Below is a shopping cart that I made on Amazon that shows the exact product and price for you. If your student missed out on this equipment order, they may either order it with you online or wait until January for that equipment order. I plan on doing one each month and setting up an CMS band account for it soon.

Amazon Shopping List

*Buying the reeds by the box instead of individually and a reed guard will save you money in ways that you would never imagine. Having multiple reeds allows for the students to rotate them which gives them a longer life. Having a reed guard helps even more by keeping the wood sturdy and in place as it sits in the instrument case. They also help to dry the wood evenly. *

Have a fantastic weekend and I will see you Monday the 14th, at 6:30 pm in our uniform.


-M. Menendez



  1. Hi Maria,
    Before the break I sent in an envelope with $7.00 for new mallets for Olivia and she said yesterday that she did not get them and was told that she still needed them. Were they not ordered for her? Just let me know!!!

    Rachel Tate


    1. I will check on that today and get back to you. Thank you! She paid for them so she WILL get her mallets.

      -M. Menendez


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