Practice Logs and Monday After School Practice Sessions

Good afternoon,

Thank you again for your contribution to the cookie dough sales. We made profit that goes directly back to your students. There are two important notes below:

1.) After school practice sessions: Beginning Monday the 26th I will host an after school practice session each week until 4:15. This is a wonderful time for students who are behind to get some extra practice and attention. Students who have large instruments and are not able to bring them home should take advantage of this opportunity so that they can practice on their horns at school. Students who feel ahead may attend and I will give them extra pieces to practice in order to challenge them throughout the week at home. The students will be picked up at 4:15 in the bus parking lot outside of the gym. I ask that the students only stay after to practice if they have a ride that day.

2.) Weekly Practice log: In class today I handed out a weekly practice log for your students. The practice log begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday of each week. I ask that each student practices for one hour each week. This can be broken up into 10 minutes a day for 6 of the 7 days, 3 days of 20 minute practice sessions, or whatever is best with the schedule of your student. I will check on Mondays each week to see that the practice log has been signed by you. Please sign each weekend where it says “Parent Signature” to confirm that they have done their band homework for the week.

You all spent a lot of money on your child to purchase these instruments and equipment. I want to make sure that they are reaching their potential and that they are treating your ears at home with the pieces that they learn in class.

The first week is October 18th-October 24th.

The second is October 25th-October 31st.

I will check on November the 1st to give the a grade on their first two weeks of practicing. I will be lenient on week one (18th-24th) since these were handed out on a Tuesday.

Students who practice above 1 hour a week will be rewarded! 

Each day with your students is a treat for me. I hope that their practicing at home starts becoming a treat for you too!


Ms. Menendez

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