Cookie Dough Delivery

Good afternoon,

Our cookie dough will be delivered to the band room on October the 14th at 10am. The students will stop by the band room when band students are dismissed to grab their orders to bring home. If your student sold more than 6 boxes of cookie dough, I recommend that they are a car rider that day.  The cookie dough lasts around 24 hours outside of the freezer/fridge.

I am still hoping for more volunteers to help with the cookie dough orders. The truck arrives at 9am and I would need your help unloading and organizing the cookie dough in order for our students to dismiss on time. Please contact me if you are interested in volunteering:

The first 5th graders from the first 9 weeks had their last day with me today. I was very sad to say goodbye but I hope that it is temporary and that I will see them all again in the 6th grade band program.

Our 6th graders are doing an excellent job so far. They know 5 notes (some know more) and can play the first ten lines out of their band book. Please make sure that you are hearing them practice at home and if not, please encourage them to review what we have been going over in class. Doing our homework at home means that we sound better as a group. We are doing our best to create the best 6th grade band in the history of Carrollton. Let’s aim high and get there!


Ms. Menendez

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