Weekend Reminders

Good afternoon 6th Grade Band Parents,

We have had a tremendous week here at CMS in band class! The students have continued to be polite and hardworking each and every day. Here are a few reminders going into next week.

1.) Our cookie dough sale concludes this Tuesday, the 22nd of September. I will send a physical version of what is written below on Monday as an extra reminder:

A.) Make sure that your order and your money total match. Remove any names of customers who did not pay for their order. If written in pen, you may scratch out their name.

B.) Place all cash and checks into one envelope with your name on it and the order form stapled to it.

C.) Be sure to write the total number of boxes at the bottom of the form.

D.) Do not use dash marks for number of boxes. Please use numbers because two dashes could be interpreted as 11 instead of 2 boxes.

E.)  If you sold 10 or more boxes please add a name at the bottom of the order called “FREE BOX” and pick which box that you would like of cookie dough. This can be factored into your bottom total but not into the cost of the order since they are free.

I need as much help from the adults as possible to ensure that the money and forms add up. Thank you for helping to fund our wonderful CMS Trojan Band by participating in this fundraiser. We expect to have the cookie dough sent to CMS mid October. You will be notified upon its arrival.

2.) Black binders and sheet protectors are absolutely needed by Monday. We will have periodic binder checks to ensure that the students are being responsible with their supplies for band which includes their binder, pencil and instrument.

3.) Anonymous donations are always greatly appreciated and assist some members of our Trojan Band family.

4.) The Essential Elements band books have been shipped. I am hoping that they will come in this weekend or Monday. Thank you for your patience.

5.) Make sure that you are hearing your student practice at home a few times a week. 15-20 minutes a few times a week can go a long way!

Have a great weekend!

-Ms. Menendez

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