Instrument Night (6.1)

Good morning!

This is a quick reminder that our first of two sixth grade Instrument Nights is this afternoon from 5-8pm in the cafeteria. Please bring your checkbook, cards and/or cash tonight. Also bring some form of ID.

The prices vary each year, but the most expensive instrument will not be over $30 per month to rent. Last year they also had a deal where your first *two* months of rent cost only $15 total. For those of you  that are interested in potentially purchasing an instrument elsewhere, this is a great deal so that you can have more time to search while your child learns the basics on their instrument. You may cancel your rental with Music and Arts at any time without a cancelation fee. I believe that you all will be impressed with the prices, service and, quality just like I always have.

I look forward to meeting many of you tonight and I will see the second sixth grade class on Wednesday!


Ms. Menendez

*edit. The first 2 months, not 3 as I previously posted*

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